eco discovery park
Eco Discovery Park


  • To promote adventure and recreation that appreciates our natural world.
  • To encourage eco-tourism in our region.
  • To create a environmental learning center for residents and visitors.
  • To demonstrate alternative technologies and sustainable living practices.
  • To engage community members in environmental planning and programs.


To Inspire people, organizations, businesses and government to make the health of our environment a priority in our actions.


A non-profit organization named Eco Discovery Park has been created and their  Board of Directors will oversee the development of the Eco Discovery Park.  The  Board of Directors will decide objectives and policies, and it will employ staff to  implement decisions.  The Board will coordinate with community groups  and businesses who have a commitment to environmental ideals and an interest in the  Eco  Discovery Park concept.

The objective will be to interest groups such as environmental businesses and organizations to take ownership of programs related to their concerns and experiences.   A membership/volunteer corps would be created to assist with events and activities.


  • A central structure encompassing an environmental store, organic café, meeting space and offices.
  • Secondary buildings located in exhibit areas would be small rustic structures.
  • Energy efficient demonstration buildings would be erected with exhibits to educate visitors about alternative living choices.
  • Exhibits:
    • Renewable Energy (solar, wind, hydro)- under construction
    • Alternative Transportation and Fuels
    • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
    • Composting
    • Demonstration Garden including: Herb Beds, Butterfly Garden, Enabling Garden, Square Foot Gardening and Companion Planting- completed 2014
    • Chesapeake Bay Watershed Exhibit
    • Bird Food Depot providing seeds, fruit and nectar for wild birds using native plants that were already on site- completed 2013
    • Global Warming
    • Wildlife Protection and Species Extinction
    • Natural Resources and Land Preservation
  • Current Activities:
    • Kayak rental, guided tours showing impacts on wetlands and waterways
    • Bike rental allowing guests to experience the surrounding area on it’s many local trails
  • Additional concepts for the park:
    • Walking trails linking learning modules together
    • Children’s Play Area built from recycled materials and incorporating creative environmental education elements
    • Amphitheatre/stage for shows and performances
    • Large solar powered water feature in summer designed to be frozen and transformed into a community ice rink in winter (all powered by the sun)
    • Yurt village allowing for interns to live and work on site while furthering their studies in environmental education
    • Minimal environmental impact in building phase and operations, achieved through best available green practices and offsets
    • Solar array and wind turbine erected to produce sufficient power to cover the needs of the park
    • Rainwater to be collected from all buildings for use within the park
  • Day visitors from the Hampton Roads and Richmond regions
  • Tourists from throughout the US visiting the areas many destinations
  • Students from elementary to college levels
  • Teachers who want training in environmental concepts and projects
  • Environmentalists meeting to discuss local and regional issues
  • Group tours of all ages who may already be visiting the Historic Triangle
  • Participants in classes and workshops
  • Interns and volunteers
  • Participants in area conferences and conventions
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